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We understand the emotions of being a caregiver for someone living with Alzheimer’s or other forms of dementia such as Parkinson’s, Lewy-Body, or frontotemporal dementia. Providing care for a loved one living with dementia is an honorable task for family members, but it can feel overwhelming. Let Sage Oak of Lake Charles be the long-term care home that offers the right level of care to your family member living with memory loss.

Our community creates intimacy, warmth, and activity for our memory care residents in a secure environment. 24-hour associates specialize in working with individuals living with Alzheimer’s and dementia. Care is standard, but enrichment is what gives our residents purpose and fulfillment.

Consistency is Key

Familiarity with one’s environment is important for those living with cognitive impairment. Consistency is essential, and we understand that each individual has different needs. That’s why we develop custom day-to-day routines for our residents. Still, they can also explore, find new hobbies, or interact with others within a secure space under the supervision of our caring associates.

How We Help

Sage Oak of Lake Charles | Caregiver helping senior woman with medications and paperwork
  • Secure environment with 24/7 CCTV security and 24/7 associates
  • Relaxing outdoor space to walk, garden, or be under the sun
  • Activities of daily living — grooming, bathing, and dressing assistance
  • Medication administration
  • Specialized Alzheimer’s and dementia trained associates

Become a Part of Our Family

Let Sage Oak of Lake Charles Provide for Your Loved One

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