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Boutique Assisted Living and Memory Care Leadership

Small and intimate makes our assisted living and memory care community ideal for seniors. Meet the local people who inspire our residents every day.

Sage Oak of Lake Charles | Skyler Pentheny

Skyler Pentheny

Executive Director

Skyler Pentheny joined the Sage Oak team in 2018 and has since proven himself an invaluable member of the Sage Oak team. He has occupied many diverse roles over the last four years and currently holds two positions, Regional Director of Operations, and Interim Executive Director of Sage Oak Lake Charles.

Skyler who started his career as a caregiver, brings a unique, individualized approach to all his professional interactions; whether he is coaching up a teammate, assisting a resident, or talking with a resident’s family member, Skyler tries to make each interaction, unique and personal.

Skyler was born and raised in southwestern Kansas by his grandparents. Through the personal love and care his grandparents, Skyler discovered his passion for caring for the elderly population. Skyler has more than 11 years of experience in the senior living industry in various capacities: Caregiver, Certified Nurse Aide, Business Office Assistant, Human Resources Director, Executive Director, and Regional Director of Operations.

Skyler holds a master’s degree in gerontology, a bachelor’s in public health administration, is a certified integrator, and is a certified Assisted Living Manager. Skyler is currently working toward becoming a certified Gallup’s strengths coach.
Skyler enjoys spending time with his friends and family in his spare times. His hobbies include working out, shopping, reading, or lounging around in his robe.

Sage Oak of Lake Charles | Stephanie

Stephanie Ledet, LPN

Director of Nursing

Stephanie Brown Ledet is a Licensed Practical Nurse who has been practicing for the past 17 years in several areas of health care with a heavy concentration in geriatric care. Hailing from Oakdale, LA and currently residing in Lake Charles, LA, she is the Director of Nursing at Sage Oak Assisted Living and Memory Care. Dedicated to improving the quality of life for the older population and affecting change within the health care community are her professional priorities.

For Stephanie, expanding experience and knowledge are consistent efforts, hence the continuation of education in the pursuit of additional degrees to elevate her performance level and increase the skills she has to offer the health care community. She is currently pursuing a Bachelor of Nursing degree and would also like to obtain a Master’s Degree with a focus on Nursing Administration upon completion of this degree.

Starting her nursing career in 2004, Stephanie was a young wife and mother of three who simply wanted to care for others.

Throughout her career, she has gained a wealth of knowledge and experience in several areas of nursing, including Emergency and Intensive Care, Wound Care and Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy, Pre-Operative Surgery, Home Health, and Family Medicine.

She is drawn to the older generation for their wisdom. She enjoys giving back and caring for those who have lived their lives and previously given so much of themselves to others. You may contact Stephanie about passion for senior living at

Stephanie thoroughly enjoys crafting in her spare time, especially the art of crochet. The joy expressed by those who received her hand-woven pieces is more than adequate payment for the time-consuming art.

Having the Sage Oak Family choose Lake Charles as its new home will undoubtedly prove to be as rewarding for Stephanie as it will be for the entire Southwest Louisiana area.

Sage Oak of Lake Charles | Ashley

Ashley Puckett, LPN

Assistant Director of Nursing

I am a proud native of Lake Charles, LA. Having spent the last nine years in health care, I thoroughly enjoy being a nurse in this community and directly caring for others. I have always had a burning passion for pursuing a career in senior care. One of the most important aspects I have learned over the years regarding senior care is that their families are equally as important, including communication and trust. I always carry with me genuine compassion, enthusiasm, and patience. Developing strong, long-term relationships is the foundation of everything I do, both professionally and personally.

I have gained most of my experience as an orthopedic trauma nurse, clinical nurse, and surgical nurse. I pride myself on my ability to provide exceptional care for others at some of the most trying and vulnerable times in their lives.

My husband and I greatly enjoy traveling with our dog! I also enjoy outdoor activities, yoga, beach trips, and anything my husband cooks on the grill. We do love our hometown, and I intend to continue to be a huge part of making senior care in our community better than it has ever been!

I am honored to be a part of bringing Sage Oak to our Southern home community. With Sage Oak being new to this area, I am excited to utilize my skills and help make senior care its absolute best! Feel free to reach out to me at

Sage Oak of Lake Charles | Ashlee

Ashlee Guidry, LPN

Assistant Executive Director

I’m thrilled to join the Sage Oak team and share this unique style of senior care to our community, bringing my 17 years of knowledge and experience in assisted living and long term care. From administration and nursing to clinical and resident care, my top priority has always been to provide the best experience for my residents and their families. In larger and more institutional settings, providing adequate care has its challenges. Sage Oak brings “boutique senior living” right here to our community – the only one in this area.

My first job, while in high school and college, was being a cashier at Market Basket. It didn’t take me long to realize that my favorite customers were the morning regulars, the elderly ones. I knew early on in my nursing studies that geriatric care would be my focus. Contact me at to learn more about my current responsibilities.

My husband and I, along with our three children, reside in Lake Charles, LA. Crafting projects, shopping, and making memories with my kiddos makes me smile!

My family is important to me and one of the added bonuses to working in this setting is that, we too, become family with our residents. My kids love every moment they are able to come to mommy’s work and love on the residents! 

Sage Oak of Lake Charles | Joey

Joey Berken

Maintenance Director

Joey spent 20 years working in medical equipment sales and repair, carrying his desire to work with seniors into a career in Facilities Management. Growing up on a farm, Joey learned the value of hard work. He takes tremendous pride in putting his name on his work and community. The intimate and boutique assisted living model drew him to Sage Oak, where he can be reached through

Joey lives in Lake Charles with his wife, Rebecca, and daughter, (Barbe HS February 2022 Student of the Month) Kennedi. He enjoys hunting and fishing with his family. Joey always seems to be learning a new skill or working on a new project at home.

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