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Welcome to Sage Oak of Lake Charles, an intimate and boutique-style assisted living and memory care community located on Weaver and Ham Reid Road, less than ten minutes south of Prien Lake. We are conveniently located near communities like Sulphur, Westville, and Moss Bluff for family visits as well.

The Food and The Experience is Like No Other

Sage Oak chefs cook for only 16 residents per home. This model allows us to be more flexible in meeting senior dietary and nutrition needs. Compared to larger communities or nursing homes in Lake Charles with one chef expected to feed 80 or more, residents are guaranteed to have all their dietary restrictions and tastes met at Sage Oak of Lake Charles!

Living Life Together

Accessible? Check. Open? Check. Spacious? Check!
  • Intimate and modern themed homes with a full-time chef and open kitchen
  • Passionate staff ready to help in common area nursing stations in each home
  • A large campus of greenery and landscaped grounds
  • Pet-friendly, park-like setting for socially distanced outdoor visits
  • 1:5 to 1:8 caregiver-to-resident ratio
  • 24-hour support and care
Sage Oak of Lake Charles | Senior man in garden with his daughter and granddaughter
Sage Oak of Lake Charles | Seniors playing music

Enjoy playing music with friends every single day.

Our community believes in the value of living each day to the fullest with new friends, fun activities, exciting hobbies, good care, and chef-inspired cooking. That’s why we are built more like a care neighborhood with loving team members standing by overseeing the area, ready to help you with whatever you need. Specialized chefs also whip up meals in an open-plan kitchen, ready to cater to you.

Proud to Be in Lake Charles!

Sage Oak truly makes Lake Charles its home; we are nestled in a quiet and beautiful open space. Our residents and their families can take advantage of visiting the Imperial Calcasieu Museum, Bradford’s Daylily Plantation, and La Fleur Park. Sage Oak of Lake Charles assisted living and memory care is conveniently located for families seeking the perfect senior living environment in Calcasieu Parish.

Sage Oak of Lake Charles | Senior couple looking at lake

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Boutique is Better

If you are considering other types of senior care, compare the common themes of large assisted living communities and nursing homes or skilled nursing facilities with the boutique lifestyle at Sage Oak of Lake Charles.

Large assisted living communities Sage Oak
Can have disproportionate caregiver-to-resident ratio Smaller and controlled 1:5 to 1:8 caregiver-to-resident ratio
One chef making meals for up to 80 or so residents with designated meal times Open kitchen style with an executive full-time chef per home cooking for only 16 residents
The feeling of a facility and disconnected from the outside world The feeling of home and being a part of a close-knit neighborhood
Larger facilities tend to prioritize operational efficiency and standard operating procedures over residents’ needs With only 16 residents per care home, Sage Oak feels like a neighborhood, not a hospital or an institution
Skilled nursing Sage Oak
Skilled nursing can be one of the most expensive forms of long-term care Boutique means upscale yet cost-effective
May not have the proper amount of healthcare workers to number of residents Controlled 1:5 to 1:8 caregiver-to-resident ratio, always
Can feel like an institution More intimate, resident focused, and better positioned to respond to the needs of seniors with themed homes, open kitchens, and nursing stations
May have strict rules about visitation Our setup is more flexible, natural and welcoming of visitors with an outdoor space for secure family visits

Our Care Philosophy

Sage Oak of Lake Charles | Art activity
  • Our commitment to proactive communication keeps families informed. We ensure a partnership between families and our facility. We firmly believe that families should always know how their loved one is doing, and feel encouraged to check in frequently.
  • We develop a personalized care plan for each resident’s needs and wants.
  • We provide in-house nursing and medical oversight.
  • All vendors are hand-selected to ensure Sage Oak’s quality and care philosophy.
  • Our interiors are designed to provide space for our residents to prevent the risk of infections, including COVID-19.
  • Our buildings are laid out with clear sight-lines and no long hallways to reduce the risk of confusion and falls.
  • The Sage Oak is designed and furnished like a home full of love, life, comfort, and personality.
  • The Sage Oak is a Louisiana-owned private company that creates a compassionate culture on every level of our organization.

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